When does the movie start?
When it gets dark and lights allow for it. The exact time may vary, but usually sometime between 8.30 pm and 9.15 pm. On our Facebook page we will indicate the actual showtime at the given event.

Where do I find the lineup?
The current lineup can be found on our Facebook page, or here on the website.

What types of tickets do you offer?
There are three types of tickets:
Own car ticket
Drive-in MOL LIMO ticket
Sit-in MOL LIMO ticket
Tickets are available per vehicle, the price is irrespective of the number of people in the car.
Suggested headcount: 2 people per car.

What if I don’t have a car, but I have a driver’s licence? Can I attend?
YES, if you’re a LIMO user, the Drive-in MOL LIMO ticket is recommended for you. For the duration of the show a sum of 3500 HUF is put to your credit on your LIMO account, thus you can use the LIMO for free throughout the screening. These tickets are available per vehicle, too, irrespective of the number of people in the car.

What if I don’t have a car, and a driver’s licence either? Can I attend?
YES, if you don’t have a driver’s licence, the Sit-in MOL LIMO ticket is perfect for you. Pre-parked cars are waiting for you at the premises which can be used on a first-come first-served basis. These tickets are available per vehicle, too, irrespective of the number of people in the car.

Can I buy tickets on the spot?
No. For sake of your own safety, at the moment you can enter with pre-purchased tickets only, thus avoiding any risk of infection resulting from the use of cash.

Until when can I buy tickets for a movie?
Pre-purchase of the tickets is available until 3 pm on the day of the given show.

Can I use any recreation cards or vouchers to pay for the ticket?
No, online pre-purchase of tickets is possible with VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards and Barion only.

Are there any discount tickets?
No, prices apply per vehicle uniformly. Health care workers, policemen, paramedics are firefighters are provided 5 free car spots per show. These tickets are availabe upon email registration via info@budapestrooftopcinema.hu, until 6 pm on the day before the screening.

I’m entitled to a free ticket, how can I attend the show?
Registration via info@budapestrooftopcinema.hu is available on a first-come first-served basis. If there is a free spot available, you will get an email from the address info@budapestrooftopcinema.hu. When driving in, we ask you to provide some kind of valid identification.

How do I get the purchased ticket?
When purchasing a ticket online, you will get a notification from the address ticket@cooltix.hu with two attachements: one is your receipt and the other one contains a QR code allowing you to drive in.

Do I need to print my ticket?
No, it’s not at all necessary. You’ll need the QR code sent to you via email at hand. It’s enough to show the downloaded QR code or the screenshot thereof. On the spot we can’t provide you with internet connection.

Are the tickets transferable?
At your own risk, you can transfer them, but these are single-entry tickets anyway.

I have purchased a ticket but haven’t got the email. What shall I do?
Firstly, check your spam folder and in case you use Gmail the Promotion / Purchase tabs, too. The email containing your QR code comes from the email address ticket@cooltix.hu. If you still can’t find it indicate it to Cooltix via the same email address.

How do I move around within the drive-in theatre?
For the sake of maintaining parking order and safety, you shall follow the orders given by the staff at all time.

Where can I drive in from?
From Váci út, turning to the service road next to Ferdinand bridge, then turning left below Ferdinand bridge
Moving from Ferdinand bridge to Váci út, turning right at the exit before Váci út
Once there, just look for the Entry sign.

When do I need to arrive?
The gates open 1 hour prior to the showtime announced. You can drive in in order of arrival.

Where can I park?
There are accurately designated spots for the cars, you can only park there, in order of arrival. The staff will assist you with the parking order. Once parked, the engine and headlights of the vehicle must be turned off.

Can I buy drinks and snacks on the spot?
At the moment you can’t. For the time being pre-purchased packages are available along with the tickets that are handed out upon entry.

Can I get out of the car during the screening?
For the moment, in order to saveguard your health, you are only allowed to leave the car while attending the lavatory. When doing so, you are requested the keep a 1.5-meter distance and cover your face with a mask or scarf.

What if someone damages/crashes my car?
The highway code applies at the premises of the theatre. If someone causes an accident, claims of the injured party shall be settled on the basis of their liability insurance, the operators of the theatre can’t be held responsible. The events shall be attended at own responsibility.

How can I listen to the sound in the car?
You will need to tune to a designated FM broadcast band with your car stereo or other appropriate device. It is your responsibilty to have such an operational device. Before the show you will an opportunity to test your radio.

Can I leave during the screening?
Of course, if it’s necessary, you are allowed to leave the premises of the theatre by car, it is therefore important that you obey the parking rules.

Is it allowed to smoke?
In spite of being an open air venue, smoke can ruin the movie experince of others a lot. Therefore, it is not allowed to smoke.

Can I bring a dog?
No. Even if you are in your own vehicle, we cannot provide space for your pet to take a walk or go to the bathroom.

Are minors (under the age of 18) allowed to attend?
Yes, if to movie is not rated 18+. If there is such rating, they can only attend with parental consent.

What shall I do if I lost something at the screening?
Write us an email to info@budapestrooftopcinema.hu and we will do our best to find it.

Will there be a screening if the weather is bad?
In case of a storm the organiser of the event may wait another 20 minutes before starting / resuming the screening. If the show is interrupted because of the bad wheather after 45 minutes into the movie, it shall be considered as performed.

The show is cancelled, how do I get my money back?
In case the show is cancelled and for some reason we cannot offer another showtime, we will indicate it both on our Facebook page and at the event, as well as our website. In this case the prices of the tickets will be transferred back automatically, and you will get it within 15 working days.


What time does the movie start?
When it becomes dark and the lights allow us. This changes from time to time, usually between 20:30 and 21:15.

Where can I find the program?
You can find the actual program on our Facebook page and here on this site.



Can I purchase food at Mamuttető?
Certainly, there’s no cinema without popcorn or nachos - at the bar you can pay with credit card.

What happens if I am freezing?
You can request a blanket at the bar for 500 HUF deposit.

If I leave the venue can I go back?
Yes, but keep your wristband on you.

Is smoking allowed?
Although the venue is open-air, smoke disturbs the movie experience for the majority of people. Therefore during the movie it is only allowed to smoke at the assigned smoking areas.

Are dogs allowed?
No. Mammut’s house rule prohibits bringing dogs or any other animal to the shopping center, therefore we can’t allow them either at Mamuttető.

Is it possible to enter if someone is under 18 years old?
Yes, if there is no 18+ restriction for the screening. In this case, it is possible to enter only with the parent’s permission.

What should I do if I have left something at Mamuttető?
Please write an email to info@budapestrooftopcinema.hu and we’ll do our best to help you.



Is it possible to purchase tickets at the door?
Yes, from door opening (17:00) it is possible to purchase tickets to that day’s screening in limited availability.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card at the doors?
For the tickets not, however at the bar you can pay with a credit card.

What time do I need to arrive if I have a pre-purchased ticket?
You can arrive anytime after door opening (17:00). Although occupying the seats happens in order of arrival therefore it’s recommended to arrive early.

Do I need to wait in line if I have a pre-purchased ticket?
You should expect some waiting at the entrance in case a lot of people arrive at the same time, but it is guaranteed that you will have a seat.

I have purchased my tickets online, but I haven’t received them via email. What should I do?
You need to receive an email from Barion where you can find a code in ORDER-123456 format - this is what you need to enter at the doors. In case you haven’t received this, please contact OneTicket at info@oneticket.hu.

Is it possible to refund tickets?
In case there was a change in the program, yes - please write an email to info@oneticket.hu with your order number. If we reschedule the film,  you can receive your money back before the new screening date. Otherwise try selling your ticket in the Facebook event, maybe someone is looking for it.